Six Steps to a Healthier You ....

1. Healthy Eating

Eat only fresh, natural, healthy foods.

Become an 'Intelligent Eater', and don't be hoodwinked by the hype over 'health foods' and supplements put out by the money oriented food industry.
Many so called 'health foods' are high in sugars and highly processed ingredients, while many supplements are unnecessary and only achieve in wasting your money.

A good healthy individually suitable daily balanced diet is your key to Health.

2. Exercise

Appropriate Exercise.

Exercise, appropriate to your age, health condition and lifestyle, is vital for overall health.
Whether you are a pupil, student, worker, executive, single mum or dad, parent, grandparent, fulltime, part-time, or retired, you can still find time for exercise; for example, a daily ten minute 'brisk' walk (enough to make you feel very slightly out of breath), is a good start; It can boost your energy, clear your head and lift your mood.

3. Sleep

Adequate Sleep.

Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, and mind.

Evidence suggests that sleep deficiency has a detrimental effect on all areas of health and in some cases can lead to early death.

4. No Highly Processed Foods
Junk Food

No 'manufactured' processed food.

All foods are 'processed'; this includes harvesting, cleaning, and cooking.

However it is the highly processed 'manufactured' foods that are our greatest concern. Many of these foods have many additional ingredients, like processed sugars, fats, and salts. These processed foods will easily increase a person's daily intake of sugar, fat and salt far above the average recommended by Health Organisations leading to disease and obesity if not kept in check.

5. No Smoking

Warning! Smoking Kills

Tobacco not only contains nicotine but over 5,300 different chemicals that, when burnt, release many toxic compounds in smoke that cause injuries to the health of the smoker, and to other people around them.
These health injuries include damage to cell DNA, cell ability to reproduce, and suppression of the body's cancer protecting systems.

Read more on Smoking - the facts here.

6. No Alcohol
No Alcohol

No Alcohol.

There is well documented evidence that alcohol consumption has NO HEALTH BENEFIT. In addition, alcohol has no nutritional value and may interfere with nutrient absorption, drinkers may not benefit from all the vitamins and minerals they consume.

Alcohol does increase a person's calorie intake and combined with eating unhealthy foods will lead to increased weight, as well as diseases associated with the liver and other major organs.


The Chinese philosopher Lau Tzu said:

"The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step".

So, do not delay, start your journey to a Healthier you TODAY.

Important note

Changes to Eating and Exercise

You must consult with your Phycisian, Medical Doctor or other certified Health Professional before making major changes to your eating habits, diet plan, or exercise regime.


If your Doctor has prescribed you medications for your health condition you MUST NOT stop taking them unless advised to do so.
Some medications may react adversely with foods, or may need to be taken with food, so it is vital that you consult with your Doctor or Health Professional before starting a new eating plan or diet.


Supplements may be prescribed by your Doctor or Health Professional for some medical conditions or life events, for example for expectant women during pregnancy, and Osteoporosis in elderly people, so it is important that you inform them of any changes to your eating or diet plans.

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