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The root causes of mankind's suffering and those avoidable health problems are:

Humans have knowledge and ability but lack Buddhi, that is the main root cause of human indulgence in stupidity.

Buddhi is a Sanskrit term derived from the root word, 'budh', meaning "to know" or "to be awake". Herein we have defined the term "Buddhi" that refers to a state of mind empowered to correctly understand, analyse, discriminate, and decide on making right use of potentiality. Buddhi means an enlightened, non-biased, mind and consciousness.

Buddhi leads us to an ever-increasing perfection of cognitive function that enables real factual evaluation, perception, and realisation of truth, thus allowing us to take correct and timely decisions and actions in our lives.

Attainment of Buddhi means a mind and consciousness freed from the shackled imprisonment of traditional thinking, customs, and practices, and of the unconscious bondage to evolutionary development focussed solely on survival fitness.

Definition of Stupidity:

Knowing the truth,
seeing the truth,
but still believing the lies…!

What is Stupidity?

Stupidity is behaviour that shows a lack of good sense or judgement.

Indulging in activities that increase suffering to self, to one's own family, to others, and to local and global society.

Stupidity can manifest itself in many ways, for example, misuse of knowledge, ability and ambition, for mercenary gain. Lack of control on emotion and anger. Indulgence in spiteful behaviours that cause injury to self, to others, and to society.

Misusing leadership and knowledge to divide humanity into opposing camps; to gang up in the name of Religion, God, Caste, Race, and region. Fostering fears and hatred in the mind of one group or camp, by inculcating in them chauvinism, nationalism, racism, fascism, and radicalisation for promoting hatred towards others. Fighting to establishing superiority, to subdue and subjugate others, and to horde and amass the finite resources of this earth and space in excess.

Misusing knowledge by corrupting the truth by lies dressed up as truth to the uninformed, and by misinformation and secrecy disguised as protection of individual freedoms and security.

Notwithstanding the skills and achievements of modern man, humanity is still bleeding and living a life with more suffering. The agony due to wars, diseases, poverty and hunger will persist and pursue. Even when humans destroy, dump, and abandon the Earth, and leap for a heavenly abode on other habitable planets, the threat of extinction of the human species will loom large... Always.

We wish for No war, No poverty, No hunger. We wish to live in peace and in harmony. We wish to wish our nearest and dearest health, happiness, peace and prosperity.

Should we only wish, or make it happened also?

Yes, we must make it happen.
The time for humanity to act is now; to live fully ourselves and let our children, and the coming generations, live a longer healthy life with more peace and happiness, and with less morbidities and diseases.

A final war to end war and suffering

How do we achieve this?

The answer is, by freeing our incarcerated Mind and Consciousness from its enforced evolutionary prison.

The last and final war we need to fight is against ourselves, to free our mind and consciousness from its enforced evolutionary slavery

Both our mind and consciousness are slaves to old traditional practices and the teachings of the evolutionary guru on 'survival of the fittest'. Some practices and teachings may not be harmful, however many others that persist within us and societies are the root cause of war, poverty, hunger and disease.

A compromised consciousness with the enslaved mind is the barrier preventing humanity using its knowledge and ability for making the earth a better home, for living a quality of life in peace and prosperity with less disease and sufferings. Consequently, today's an informed capable humanity is bleeding and has poured wrath of agony unto itself and is itself a potential threat to its own existence.

We will want to explore and understand ourselves to detect and correct those behaviours which might have been essential or were not harmful for purpose of survival in the early period of human existence on earth, but persistence of some of the same chronological behaviors in the modern human are the cause of all kinds of sufferings. The last and final war we need to fight is against ourselves, to free our mind and consciousness from its enforced evolutionary slavery.

Generally though, the cognitive functions of every normal person can be physiologically, biologically and psychologically optimal, so perception can be normal; nonetheless the corollary he or she will arrive at, can be fallacious, because our mind and consciousness are enslaved to teachings of 'survival of the fittest', and the traditions customs, faith and practices of the family and society we are born in. collectively we call it prejudice or bigotry.

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"To have knowledge without understanding is to wander in a desert of ignorance"

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