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"Real knowledge is to know the extent of ones ignorance!"


Knowing what information is correct, honest and truthful begins with having access to correct, honest, and truthful web pages. UGH will only bring you such information. However, when reading these pages, as with all information, we urge you to use Buddhi to assist you to make up your own mind in deciding what is honest, correct and truthful.

(Buddhi is a word of the Indian ancient Pali language which is herein defined as the constant pursuit for raising knowledge, alertness, skeptical thinking, increasing analytical power, to explore, improve further and control the cognitive ability of mind, to avoid preconceived ideas to perceive things as they are, to gain wisdom for understanding correctly, making wise decisions, and timely action.)

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Natural Health Evidence Based

For unbiased information on Health matters and healthy living.

Natural Health Evidence Based

EduKational Restaurant

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EduKational Restaurant

Thailand bans sales of alcohol on Religious Holidays.

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