Terrorism and Wars

UGH article, 2020
Author: T. Kamal

Stop terrorism and wars. But How?

By understanding the root cause of Terrorism. War, hunger and poverty are correlated.

To understand correctly, let us use our Buddhi (Examine "Buddhi" here). to do some research to find the root of terror and war which cause Death, Destruction, excess oncurrence of avoidable Diseases, Hunger and poverty.

We are genetically disposed to living in groups. This genetic behavior was essential for survival of the primitive human. This nature in humans for making groups and camps, manifests in caste, creed, clan, dynasty, empire, and nation.

Presently people joined their small camps into larger and larger ones eventually becoming Nations. But the greed, selfishness and the desire to grab most the resources on the planet, inculcating chauvinism to love one's own camp and hate the others and to establish superiority over the other's remain the same. This can be a cause of wars which is avoidable only when honest leaders and the people understand the need of time and resolve to form a single United Global Human Nation.

Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) need to be destroyed. Possession of WMD and their use is a crime against humanity

All kind of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) need to be destroyed. Possession of WMD and their use is a crime against humanity. Erasing the word Military from the dictionary. We may give "Military" a new term and transform into Peace Force of the United Global Human Nation with the responsibility for the maintenance of peace, safety and protection of the home boundaries and of local families, say, Russia or America, China or Japan India or Pakistan and so forth, all the local families.

Humanity will need to resolve to resort to non-violence. Dialogue must be the sole strategy to settle all deputes of the local families. Only then can Humanity avoid War. Only then will the term 'War' become a footnote in the record of the history of human progression.

"Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing"

John Stuart Mill, 1867

Presently humanity is at the brink of a Third World War. Greed, selfishness, stupidity (stupidity... Knowledge without Buddhi) appear as the cause. Should the third world war happen then the criminals of war will be all the leaders of the countries of the world, and every one of us, who watch silently and support the leaders to let them cause the Third World War.

John Stuart Mill, a 19th century British philosopher and political theorist said in 1867:
"Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing."

Let us not misunderstand the moral war and fight which are fought for the protection of self-existence, for nullifying atrocities and crimes.

Examples of such war are the Second World War. The allied forces battled for self-protection to defeat the axis forces aim of World domination.

nazi salute

Another fitting example is Mahabharata, Lord, Prophet, Teacher or God Krishna (as you conceive) who explained the necessity and inevitability of war. Krishna advises Arjuna to fight against threat and atrocities as a responsibility.

It is time to stop the dancing, singing and drama in the name of God, Prophets or Teachers and for everyone of us to realize and understand the true purpose of God and Religions, the teachings of the Prophets and Teachers, which is only one, and that is the well-being of Humanity


While to fight war in self protection can be seen as justifiable, the killing, torching, burning alive, humiliating, or causing injuries to war prisoner can never be justifiable.

(Example: A Muslim pilot of the Royal Jordanian Air Force was, when captured by ISIL who claim to be Muslim, burned alive. ISIL did this horrific deed and justified it through Islamic Law in the name of God and religion).
Similarly perpetrating acts to kill innocent people, to draw attention or in the process of revenge, is crime against humanity, and this is Terrorism.

Scientists and researchers are digging to find the root cause of war and conflict; meanwhile we ordinary people can also try to understand the cause of wars and act of terrorism.

Look at this photo:

It is not the religion and greed.

It is the leadership and ambition in human, a lust to subordinate, to rule and to lead people which if remains unguided and devoid of Buddhi, then is a part of human stupidity... The Root Cause of war, terrorism, death and sufferings, and will be a probable cause of extinction of the Human Race.

Now let us extract the main points from the above discussions.

Living in and identifying with small or larger self-created camps, or humans greed, religion or patriotism, these all are, in itself, not the cause of war, conflict and terrorism.

Instead, Knowledge and information that we common people get to understand in absence of Buddhi … gives birth to crook mercenary leaders... The Separatists and the self appointed agent of God and religion … The Terrorists.

Our ignorance and our nature to believe ... is a breeding ground for the birth of Terrorism

Our ignorance and our nature to believe in only what we have been asked to do and what have been given to us to believe in, combined with our nature to not to understand and rectify our prejudice and bigotry, is a breeding ground for the birth of Terrorism.

Peoples' prejudice and bigotry, is the magic craft of not only crooked leaders, who are separatists and who are self-appointed agents of God and religion, but also some good social minded leaders who unknowingly array themselves among these terrorists leaders to mislead people to Death, Destruction, Diseases and poverty.

Greed: biologically our body is greedy. It always keeps sufficient extra blood restored in the body. So it does collects and keeps extra fats in our body.
Social behavior of competing to become Political leader, famous or rich person, best athlete or academic is moral and justifiable.

Liking and living in divided camp: Patriotism is necessary and is a prime responsibility to protect and help your own family prosper which begins with the family unit and extends to the local society and the Country.

Religion and God: Belief in Religion and God can help us come over our evils

But the excess of anything, even good things, is ultimately Bad.


Excess Greed: To kill, cheat, plunder the global or other's personal properties for personal gain, for self-mercenaries motives

Excess patriotism when becomes chauvinism, radicalzation: ...loving one's own family, camp or Nation, and hating and harassing, others.

Religion and God: Not understanding the main purpose of worshiping God. Not understanding the main purpose of Religious teachings.

Mostly Religion is not used for religious Purposes. Instead God and Religion is, and have been over the ages, constantly and consistently used by both Religious and political leaders for their mercenary motives and personal gains.

Examine at: Misuse of Religion


knowledge, intelligence of people without Buddhi keeps human in the shackle of bigotry/prejudices….the breeding ground for rooting and prospering of terrorists leaders.

How to Reduce wars:

  1. Understanding that entire mankind is our family. Remaining committed to patriotism, protection, prosperity and to loving ours own family, let us not hate the others'.
    (Own family which begins with you and your spouses which further extends to your local society and the country you are living in.)
  2. Heading for the ultimate goal of One Nation, a United Global Human Nation.

How to eliminate terrorism

Empower ourselves with Buddhi to understand and to avoid the misuse of religion, misuse of our patriotism to our family.
Realize the objective of the terrorists … the wolves in the guise of leaders, the self-appointed agents of God and Religion, and the separatists.

The objective of the separatists is to relish their lust to lead the people. If they succeed in separating a region and make it a country then some of them will become hero, some ministers, and others connected to them will be become high designators. But the ordinary people will get only death, destruction and poverty.

(Buddhi is a Sanskrit term derived from the root, budh, which means "to know" or "to be awake".
Therefore, buddhi refers to intellect, wisdom and the power of the mind to understand, analyze, discriminate and decide. Buddhi frees our mind and consciousness from the slavery of traditional thinking, customs and practices, and of the unconscious bondage to evolutionary development on survival fitness. Buddhi truly enables enlightenment of the non-biased mind and consciousness. Buddhi leads us to an ever-increasing perfection of cognitive functions that enable the real factual evaluation, perception, and realisation of truth, thus allowing us to take correct and timely decisions and actions.)

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